Please take a few minutes to read and acquaint yourself with the following rules. Management reserves the right to have any person removed from the pool area, building or grounds that are in violation of these rules. Thank you for your consideration.

  1. Quiet Hours are 10:00pm to 8:00am. As a courtesy to other guests, noise must be controlled at all times, particularly if you’re arriving late or leaving early.
  2. Our landscaping is for the enjoyment of all our guests. No sports activities are allowed in the garden area. We also ask that you don’t pick the flowers or destroy any of our tropical foliage.
  3. Sea Village is a no-smoking property. Smoking is not allowed on the premises or in apartment units.
  4. Fire laws prohibit leaving items on any part of the commons areas, stairs, walkways or parking areas.
  5. No towels, bathing suits or other clothing are to be hung on lanai (balcony) railings.
  6. Please help us keep pests under control by putting all foods away and dispose of garbage often. This will make everyone’s stay more enjoyable.
  7. Please don’t feed any of the birds from the lanai or other animals on the property.
  8. Please don’t back into parking spaces as this could cause exhaust fumes to enter into other apartments.
  9. Barbecuing or fires are not permitted in the units or on the lanai. BBQ grills are provided in the court yard area.
  10. Pool hours are 8:00am to 9:30pm. There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty. Smoking, food, glassware, cell phones or the use of large flotation devices are not allowed in the pool area. Please read and comply with the other pool and spa rules that are posted in the pool area.
  11. Management reserves the right to access any unit in the event of an emergency, for needed repairs or pest control. You will be notified in advance unless it is an emergency.
  12. If an emergency occurs, first notify the appropriate agency or call 911. Then notify the Sea Village resident manager (808) 329-5434.
  13. Drones, UAS, or model planes may NOT be flown on the premises.
  14. If you are locked out of the unit, please call your unit’s property manager for assistance, not the Sea Village manager. If the on-site manager is called, the owner is charged a lockout fee of $250.

Revised 2018