Welcome to Sea Village! We hope you enjoy your stay with us. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the individual owner or agent you rented from.

House Rules (please read)

By using our wi-fi service or wired in-unit Internet connection, you agree to the Internet Acceptable Use Policy (Wi-fi network name: SEAVILLAGE or “Sea Village”)

News and announcements

Quiet Hours: 9pm to 8am

Valuables: Please don’t leave valuables unattended. As a safety measure please secure your apartment at night and bring your things inside.

Remove shoes: please respect the Hawaiian tradition of removing shoes before entering a home.

Important Phone Numbers:
Hawaii County Police Department: 808-326-4646
Emergency (Ambulance, Fire & Police) 911
Kona Community Hospital: 808-322-9311
North Hawaii Community Hospital: 808-885-4444
Civil Defense: 808-935-0031
Fire Department (non-emergency): 808-961-8336
Hawaiian Electric: 808-935-1171 (emergencies: 808-969-6666)
Weather Forecast: 808-935-8555

Emergencies: (earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, power outages) please tune radios to 620 AM and follow instructions. There is a practice tsunami warning siren on the first Monday of every month.